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The Vanishing Buns! November 20, 2012

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A few of you that have met me on the road have been amusedly surprised by some of the items that inhabit my road trip arsenal. They include my hot-water bottle, electric kettle, mug, tea, bowl, spoon, granola bars and often a bag of home-made granola. This takes care of some of my needs wherever I find myself.

This particular trip found me in Massachusetts: my lovely Tancook Island summer neighbours live nearby, so they took the time to come up and join me for dinner one night after class. Jane, who bakes wonderfully, very kindly brought me a little care-package of cheese buns.

The following evening found me at the airport, heading to Miami, and I enjoyed a couple of buns as an after-class snack. I arrived very late that evening with my new hosts and immediately fell happily into bed.
In the morning, I went down to the kitchen and made tea, but when I returned to my room I discovered that I had had a visitor. The bun bag was chewed open and the remaining buns had vanished. Evidently my hosts had a hound! I made the acquaintance of Luca shortly after. He was a lovely energetic young Australian Shepherd (with a taste for cheese buns) and thankfully he was none the worse for eating them. I brought my granola down for breakfast and took care to place it well away from the edge of the kitchen island when I left for class!

Next morning I went looking for my granola, but is was nowhere to be found in the kitchen. Then I discovered that apparently someone had raided the countertop and consumed it the previous day! No wonder he had such a lovely coat and shiny nose. Luckily for me, I had been given a second bag of granola made for me by a knitter in Kentucky. I liberated this from my luggage and had breakfast. I had learned my lesson and stored this on a high shelf in the pantry with the door firmly shut. After my last breakfast at this house I took the granola and put it in my luggage in my room with the door SHUT. Imagine my disbelief on returning home that evening to find the door open, a torn bag and a sprinkling of granola on the floor! I was sure that I had shut the door.

I had. But the door had a lever handle, not a knob, and this clever young fellow had mastered the art of opening doors! It is truly amazing how brilliant and enterprising a dog can be. Downright scary, if you ask me. I never want a dog that is smarter than I am!

I had a great time at the Knitting Garden: it’s a beautiful store replete with the finest of everything, including the lovely folks. Do take time to visit if you are ever in Miami, and please take some granola for Luca! I”VE BEEN HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE KNITTING GARDEN LINK LEADING TO THE WRONG STORE SO I’M PUTTING IN THE URL AS WELL. http://theknittinggarden.org/

PS. My lovely Tancook neighbour is, incidentally, the same one whose entire tray of muffins mysteriously vanished (paper and all) when Susan left her dog downstairs whilst she was shown around Jane’s house!

Just to round things out, here are the wonderful Abyssinian cats I met whilst at Crafty Hands in Bowling Green KY. Named Rowan and Koigu! They do enjoy helping with knitting.


7 Responses to “The Vanishing Buns!”

  1. Susan, owner of the "Muffin Dog" Says:

    Just goes to show that Jane is a great baker and dogs have good taste! 🙂

  2. emaclean Says:

    Must be a Border Collie!

  3. Paula Says:

    Hopefully the cats were more interested in yarn than your granola!

  4. Peggy Wallace Says:

    Lucy – love the dog story. In our house it was a crazy English springer spaniel.

  5. Tami Says:

    Australian Shepards are like Border Collies, herding dogs that are highly intelligent and will train themselves, if you don’t spend the time training them. 🙂

    Safe travels!

  6. kerry eady Says:

    Our Aussie is exactly the same and the first dog I’ve ever had who shows NO shame whatsoever for stealing food! (and she might be your new neighbour we just looked at the house on the hill today!)

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