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It’s the run-up to our Open House and On-Line sale … December 4, 2012

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DSCN0145We are busily preparing for our Open House on Saturday Dec 8th 1300 – 1600, 2012. If visiting in person you’ll be able to spot my house as it has a large McCormick-Dearing WD9 tractor parked on the front lawn (awaiting her Christmas lights).

Big Bertha awaiting decoration!

Big Bertha awaiting decoration!

Fortunately, the Open House has the happy effect of forcing us to tidy up and get totally organized at least once a year! We appreciate that many of you won’t be able to join us for cookies, good company and clearance items, so we are planning an extra-special on-line sale from Midnight on Dec 7th through to Dec 16th (in honour of Holly’s birthday). We will be (for this week only) offering our new downloadable video versions of the DVDs at HALF PRICE. $9.95 each. (The regular plastic DVDs remain at the regular price.) See the customer comment re the DVD videos below:

“I just played a few clips from my Notebook and they worked perfectly. I love the way you can play exactly the clip you want to see.”
I had previously ripped your doubleknit DVD so I could have it on my iPad, but it didn’t have any markers in it, so I always found it frustrating to watch on my iPad. This is much better. Thanks.”

The DVD-videos don’t replace the actual DVD discs: if you wish to watch on your television, the physical discs will give you a superior picture quality. For knitters on the go, however, a library of DVD-videos will be an invaluable addition.

I have uploaded a “How to use our website” tutorial on You Tube recently to give you an idea of how the Notebook storage system would work for you.

In addition to the HALF-PRICE videos offer, the following 10 digital patterns will also be featured at half-price for this week only:

Sea Lettuce Scarf (468)
Sky Diamond DK Hat (1117)
Poinsettia Shawl (401)
Little Joey Bag (8116)
Cape Spear Blanket (758)
Fiesta Vest (519)
Fiesta Feet (314)
Venus Rising Cardigan (680)
Whirlygig Bag (897)
Paradoxical Mittens (237)

Our first two pattern tutorials on The Little Joey Bag and Double-Knit Hats, have been filmed and edited. They will be up on the web site as soon as my web guru Corrie has finished writing and testing the code for display and sales of this product. I’m really excited about these: it is so much easier to SHOW you how to do something in the pattern and share the little details and some of my thoughts as I knit! I’m filming these myself as I work through the project.

Once we’ve straightened out the shipping gremlins, these will be available to purchase with a link from the appropriate pattern pages. These both run to just over 30 minutes each and will retail for the same price as the pattern. I’m excited by this new development.

My own tractor Fiona, an International 434

My own tractor Fiona, an International 434


6 Responses to “It’s the run-up to our Open House and On-Line sale …”

  1. LindaM Says:

    Hi Lucy! I am very excited to get some of your videos in digital format – I carry my iPad everywhere and look forward to having ‘you’ as a mobile resource. I just added a digital copy of one of your DVD’s to my cart and it does not show the sale price… Is there something special I need to do? (I also tried the ‘buy now’ option and my Paypal cart showed $19.95.) THANKS!!!

  2. LindaM Says:

    Duh. Never mind… Just re-read your post and it starts the 7th. Need. More. Coffee.

  3. colormusing Says:

    Love your tractor!!

  4. Cheryl Waters Says:

    I so wish I could be at your open house in person! Instead I will be shopping for your digital downloads.

  5. Lucy, I’ve admired your Christmas tractor for the past few years and of course had no idea whose it was because we’ve never met. It’s always a treat. Happy knitting!

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