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True Visionaries December 13, 2012

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IMG_2131“Thank you” to all our devoted DVD fans who now have all my discs in both formats! We miss speaking to you as frequently as we used to in our pre-shopping cart days, but we do see your names on the paperwork: we smile and think fondly of you. The new website has somewhat automated us, but we want you to know that Lucy Neatby Designs is still personned by real people behind the scenes.
I’m discovering the freedom of the digital discs myself in a number of unexpected ways: I realize that my abilities rely on having something in hand and then finding new ways of using it. True visionaries are the ones who can imagine the concept and imagine how they will be able to utilize it and where it might lead. I, however, am stuck in the here and now.

But now that I’m here… I love being able to instantly show on my phone any one of the hundreds of topics I’ve covered – anywhere I have internet. This has meant that when sharing knitting tips with my island friends on the ferry to or from Tancook (there is internet across the bay) , I can access any clip from any ‘disc’ at a moment’s notice. As I hardly ever stop teaching, this has turned out to be wonderful.

The next discovery is that I can happily do time on the treadmill watching them. (I actually am doing homework on the Craftsy.com platform, in advance of the filming I will be doing with them in February.)
I love to bicycle in the summer and into to the fall. But although our winter hasn’t really set in yet, it’s too cold/dark for me to bike happily now. I usually try to get a quick walk around the lake into my day after lunch, but that’s only 20 mins and subject to outside interruptions. It’s also hard to tear myself away from work at that time of day, and occasionally there are icy conditions underfoot.
Enter the treadmill. Not my idea, I admit, but there is one in the basement now, so I may as well use it for something other than an extra garment rack. But it’s boring. Really, really boring, but I’ve decided to fit this into my mainland at-home life after breakfast. I usually rise early and work in my PJs whilst having my life-giving cups of tea (as right now), after which I eat breakfast. After breakfast I shower and dress. This is the perfect time: I have to shower and mess about with clothes anyway, and the rest of the world is still at bay. However, I’m very defensive of my morning working time: a minute in the morning is worth 5 in the afternoon. I hate to waste a second. Even listening to a book on the mill, I’m clock-watching to the second.
Yesterday I discovered that I have internet connectivity down there and that with my Ipad I could get some of the ‘watching’ work done. I watch Lynda.com tutorials regularly (whilst eating) to improve by graphic and computer skills; currently, I’m also watching Craftsy workshops to understand the platform (watching an excellent course on Free Motion Quilting a Sampler by Leah Day).
I set up the ipad on the console, ramped up the speed of the machine and hardly noticed a full half-hour of exercise! You could do the same with my on-line DVDs!!!

Our introductory sale is on until Sunday. Only 9.99 for any of the 16 titles in the series. If you haven’t tried one before, give one a whirl.
I thank my web guru enormously for her vision and determination to make this work. There was much, much more than meets the eye to setting this up. It takes a lot of planning, coding, grunt work and design work to make things seem effortless and have it all actually work!

PS This years Christmas tractor is a McCormick Deering!



6 Responses to “True Visionaries”

  1. janukke Says:

    Hi Lucy,

    it´s fun to read about your morning routine! What a great idea to incorporate a treadmill into your schedule and to watch knitting videos and other tutorials at the same time! I have never done that. BUT I have been knitting (simple stocking stitch only though) while watching your videos. 😉

    A wonderful Christmas season to you! 🙂

  2. Donna Murray Says:

    Love the online dvds! So easy to check things out on my iPad!! Great job!

  3. Susan Entmacher Says:

    Hi Lucy,
    I’m so excited that you are going to be doing a Craftsy course. I think they’re terrific and having you as a teacher on that platform will really be icing on the cake! Have a happy holiday. -Susan

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