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Post Christmas review January 3, 2013

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IMG_2203Happy New Year to you all!

All the various people in my family have been home and are now nearly all gone back to their real lives: it was wonderful to have the children (quite grown up, but will always be my children) and friends here over the holidays. However, it is equally wonderful to now be able to sit down at my computer and concentrate on the work I wish to get done this month! Normality is comforting.
I intend to take the odd day for skiing as snow waits for no knitter and there is always more work! It is now bitterly cold, but we have real snow.
The TKD Open House in early December was great, as always, and I was delighted to be able to share the fun with my on-line friends this year
via a very special sale. I want to thank all of you who so enthusiastically supported the new video editions of the DVDs: sales
were amazing and the comments coming back here were quite wonderful. I do think that with all the non-dvd-playing mobile phones and tablets out
there, it is so useful to have this additional format.

Some 300+ knitters have downloaded my android pattern catalog app, Lucy’s Patterns, from GooglePlay since it was released Dec 17th:  it is a funny feeling to be on people’s phones in places like Hong Kong, India, Australia, Europe  and the Americas. The world is getting smaller all the time.

A new android app that will let you put patterns on your Wish List, as well as download PDFs from your Notebook (on LucyNeatby.com), is now
being beta-tested.  The reports coming in are very positive. More on this another time.

I’m getting ready to film my Craftsy class (it happens in early Feb!), it has been a major undertaking, fraught with some anticipatory stress. It is good
that the Craftsy projects are now nearly ready and the notes are being given a final polishing. It should all go smoothly. I’ll soon be able to breathe again.

I hope your holidays were happy and healthy too, and may 2013 be good to you!


6 Responses to “Post Christmas review”

  1. Joan Says:

    Happy New Year Lucy!

  2. JoLynn Says:

    Lucy, Happy New Year. we started the year with 3 days of sunshine, was very nice..

  3. cozyknitting Says:

    My son is almost 40 yrs old, and I still call him Baby. He is six foot four and weighs 220 lbs. I am 5 foot 3 inches. He always laughs and says, “You are the only person that can get away with calling me Baby” as he kisses me on the head.

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