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Diversionary Quilting! January 22, 2013

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I’m packed and ready and should be leaving for Denver in a couple of hours. (Should, because it’s snowing nicely now – it’s the first snow day for the schools today.) Before I attempt go I thought I’d share a couple of pics of an impromptu quilt that I’ve been distracting myself with lately. You may recall I’ve been very taken with the kaleidoscope effect of cutting 6 layers of fabric to get 6 identical triangles which then form a kaleidoscopic hexagon. Great fun but very organized. The fall out from cutting all the equilateral triangles are sets of 6 identical right angle triangles from both ends of each strip.

These kept calling my name and inviting me to do something fun with them. I eventually decided to sew pairs together along the diagonal edge producing a rectangle with a rotated motif. Pretty. Each group gave me 3 rectangles. I then laid them all out and found a suitable partnering 3 rectangles.Image

Since these were so diverse and detailed I decided to put the groups of 6 together with a semi solid colour. (Here a trip to the fabric store requiring the purchase of more fabric than all the scraps put together.)Image

This has now been followed with an oversized border on each patch in the same contrast colour. ImageThe fun bit will come next (no photo yet sorry), I’m going to cut each block on the bias to 11.25″ square. It really is the best bit. I’m hoping that I can cut a few once my suitcases are zipped. The diagonal off cuts I see as being the catalyst for some kind of filling or border. I have no real idea where this is going but it is all part of the excitement and this has been welcome diversion from swatch knitting!

I’d better pack extra yarn for a long journey now!


2 Responses to “Diversionary Quilting!”

  1. Pamela Cornutt Says:

    Looks wonderful (and the colors match your hair 🙂 )
    Not to intrude, but if you press the blocks with sizing before you cut them (the ‘wonky’ cuts), it will help stabilize those bias edges. Happy knitting and quilting!

    • Thanks for your suggestion, great idea. I had hoped to cut a few blocks before I left this morning but spent too long preparing my various knitting projects! So I’ll starch them when I get home.

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