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Texture #1 in Double Knitting. February 7, 2013

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A double knit cowl in progress.

A double knit cowl in progress.

Compare the textures of the backgrounds on either side of this fabric. The red yarn has a slightly bigger gauge that the white yarn, with the result that it mounds between the shapes. The disparity is held in check by making the colour changes by threading the stitches from the back layer to the front. I could have effectively subdued it by working fewer rounds of the red yarn, but I  like the cushiony effect. The majority of the rectangles are worked in reverse stocking stitch, but occasionally (lower left bottom picture) I’ve used stocking stitch for variety!


7 Responses to “Texture #1 in Double Knitting.”

  1. Marie Says:

    What an amazing affect, magnificent.

  2. Jeri Lea Says:

    Just this evening I was using your stitch threading technique on my third pair of Pinstripe Mittens, sending already sufficiently impressed and grateful vibes your way as I did so. And then you go and take the concept to this whole nuther dimension!

  3. Pamela Cornutt Says:

    That is interesting!

  4. Louise Says:

    Just when I have the hang of dk you are raising the bar again! Thanks Lucy for your creative ideas!!

  5. Kari W. Says:

    I look forward to your cowl pattern. I finished the Super Hero hat I started at Minnesota Knitter’s Days and it turned out great and oh so warm. It just needs a bright crocheted or knitted flower to liven it up since the colors I used for the hat are a bit conservative.

  6. Julie Says:

    I Love it! another great idea I can’t wait to try!

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