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Texture in Double Knitting #2 February 11, 2013

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BubblesTextThis is a detail of the Bubbles Scarf. It is a negative/positive design. The other side is the exact opposite motif. When the yarns cross from one layer the the other they connect the fabrics at the sides of the motif. In order to emphasize the bubble, I have stuffed it with batting or fleece before completing the motif. Technically the top and bottom of the shapes are open, but as they are narrow and the stuffing is ‘sticky’ it stays in place. I used a long colour gradation yarn, Kauni,  to achieve all the differently coloured bubbles!

Bubbles Scarf

Bubbles Scarf


7 Responses to “Texture in Double Knitting #2”

  1. Pamela Cornutt Says:

    Fabulous scarf and I love the bubble gently resting on the scarf in the first photo.

  2. Ingenious as usual! Your use of color and texture always amaze me!

  3. colormusing Says:

    That’s fantastic, especially the color range!

    • I’m just utilizing all the shades within Kauni EQ (which we call Spectrum). By mostly hiding it on the neutral side it has changed again by the time the next bubble appears!

  4. Marie Says:

    I have to finish my Lucy inspired holey socks so I can get back on my double knitting! I adore these patterns!

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