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Texture in Double Knitting #3 February 14, 2013

Detail of the Paintbox Scarf

Detail of the Paintbox Scarf

This is the Paintbox Scarf. Once again using Kauni EQ (Spectrum) as the main colour interest and a solid neutral to frame each colour box. Each of the windows of colour are worked in reverse stocking stitch. The first row of the colour motif has to be worked in stocking stitch in order to avoid contrasting purl bumps, after this it is reverse stocking stitch for the remainder. Working reverse stocking stitch on both sides is easier than stocking stitch, once the yarns have moved to their respective sides of the fabric at the start of the block they remain there to work the stitches until the block ends. Contrast that with the constant need to keep moving the yarn between stitches in stocking stitch!

These areas are locked at the sides only, not top and bottom, they would not hold stuffing!

Paintbox DK Scarf

Paintbox DK Scarf

Information regarding my Adventure Knitting trip to Quebec and the Magdaline Islands in Sept 2013 is now available, please email my website for information.


2 Responses to “Texture in Double Knitting #3”

  1. Laura L. Says:

    Your paintbox scarf design is ingenious, as always, and gorgeous too!

    I was wondering how to get an email to you? I sent 2 emails to your webmaster over the past 3 months detailing how your Knitting Gems 2 DVD came in in the clinch to save the day for me on applied i-cord and I never heard back so I was wondering if you ever received them? I enclosed a picture of the Christmas stocking for my granddaughter that I applied the i-cord it on and it turned out just beautifully, so thank you.

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