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Texture in DK #4 February 17, 2013

IMG_9456Compare the two ends of this Plaid scarf. The end on the right, (begun with long-tail CO), is all stocking stitch. The design on the other side is the opposite colourway. By the far end of the scarf I had transitioned into texturing the the grid. I also added an extra row to the horizontal bars to add definition. IMG_9454

The scarf has a simple geometric pattern which is easy to follow and designed to give newer double-knitters lots of yarn handling practice. The biggest obstacle to joyous double-layer knitting is working out how you prefer to hold the yarns.

The scarf is pictured in Kauni EFL and HH1 (solid).

Plaid DK Scarf

Plaid DK Scarf


7 Responses to “Texture in DK #4”

  1. love your scarves… (and i love to double knit, too)
    I like to take 2 yarns, tie them together (into a slip knot (that will later get undone and discarded)
    then I do an italian tubular cast on alternating yarns A and B
    this creates a foundation row in a solid color (as does your cast on) but side A foundation row is color A, and side B foundation row is color B.
    To finish, i graft (work 1 row of color B (working K1, Slip 1 method) then bind off (in grafting) in color A. Both ends are perfectly matched.

    • Great minds, this is exactly what I do (at both ends) on more sophisticated designs. This one is intended as an entry level DK project and I didn’t want to lose anyone at the cast on edge!

  2. Karen Shannon Says:

    Could I use a slightly larger yarn for one colour to get more emphasis for the texture? Would that ruin the texture on the side that the heavier yarn is stockinette? Love that pattern, simply elegant and visually interesting.

    • You would achieve different effects on either side. The heavier yarn would bulge a little in the bigger squares but you definitely can mix weights but swatching is required to see if you would like the results.

  3. peggity Says:

    Hi Lucy – would it be possible to cast on in some kind of provisional way, and then graft the ends together to make a looped, or infinity scarf with this or any other double knitted scarf pattern?
    Peggy Mowry

    • Absolutely. I would begin with two flaps of contrasting stocking stitch which I would interlace into DK format and continue from there with Row 1. At the end separate the two layers and graft each to its respective waste yarn flap. The DK mitten thumb in the You Tube clip below demonstrates the use of double layers of waste yarn.

      • peggity Says:

        I knew I should come to you for a perfect solution. Thanks, Lucy – your video and suggestions have given me the complete confidence I needed to set out on a double-knitting infinity scarf project.

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