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Texture in DK #7 March 1, 2013

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Outer layer of Storm Mountain

Outer layer of Storm Mountain

Inner layer of Storm Mountain Hat

Inner layer of Storm Mountain Hat

Here are a couple of close up shots of my just released pattern for the Storm Mountain Hat

The texture here is created by working more rounds on the exterior of the hat than the interior.

I chose to use reverse stocking stitch on the outer layer to encourage the fabric to bulge. The two layers are secured together intermittently with a round of rib in the interior colour, giving the contrasting stripe.

Note the blue purl bumps showing on the inside (near the needle) after the rib round. These will subsequently vanish.

I have filmed a Tutorial series to accompany this pattern. This Tutorial is about 38 mins long and consists of eight topics, aimed at enriching your knitting experience. This is my third pattern tutorial and I plan to make these a regular feature of my new knitting patterns. The tutorials work just as the video-download DVDs, once purchased they are archived in your Notebook and may be streamed or downloaded. Happy Stitches!

Storm Mountain on the rocks

Storm Mountain on the rocks


4 Responses to “Texture in DK #7”

  1. Lovely Design! Lynne Barr did a bunch of scarves with a similar technique–but I think your hats are more successful. (besides, knit another scarf? I just don’t have it in me. but Hats? I never get tired of knitting hats!

  2. Lynne Barr’s scarves were fun, I enjoyed looking at them and seeing someone using unusual techniques. This hat was a direct spin off from my forthcoming Craftsy class. It’s one of the lesser known features of DK that you can juggle with your layers. I also like the variety of colour fun you can have with this design. I’m trying to fight off the temptation to cast on another in Kauni maybe with a Cat’s Pajamas lining and then working a flat DK crown with a different pattern. Not enough arms or hours.

  3. laura bryant Says:

    Lucy, what a treat! These are fabulous. Reminds me of my early days of weaving, when all I did was double weaves with weighted warps that I formed into pleats. Beautiful. Laura B

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