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Texture in DK #7 March 7, 2013

Moonstone DK Scarf

Moonstone DK Scarf

#4101_Moon_rock2SMThis is the Moonstone DK Scarf (4101).  Look closely at the lower picture and you will be able to see the additional dimension created by threading  the stitches from the far layer through to the near layer to create the colour changes. This is further accented by the difference in the luster of the two yarns. Noro with silk and Blue Face Leicester.

Check the link above to see how easy threading (or quilting) is. I also use this technique to create channels for elastic or ribbon as in the Pinstripe DK Mitten.

Pinstripe Mitten

Pinstripe Mitten


4 Responses to “Texture in DK #7”

  1. knittingbrow Says:

    This is a beautiful scarf!

  2. Excellent technique!

  3. Louise Says:

    I love this technique! So glad you will be back in London at the end of April 🙂

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