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4 more sleeps! March 23, 2013

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Lucy at Craftsy shoot

Lucy at Craftsy shoot

Here I am at the studios of Craftsy.com. Back in early February we filmed a series of 9 lessons, to form a new course. It’s nearly ready for release, next Wed (March 27th 2013)  in fact. I was lucky enough to team up with Blue Moon Fiber Arts for all the yarns I used. It made knitting swatches a joy. Watch this space for more information.

If you haven’t tried a Craftsy course, there are number of free courses you can test out. I’m very excited about this method of teaching and the people at Craftsy have been great to work with.
The format of the classes at Craftsy is ideal for online teaching for several important reasons:
1. I can cover far more material than in a regular one day workshop.
2. The student can watch as many times as they wish and swatch at their own pace.
3. It’s a far greener way of reaching a wider student base, who will all hopefully become ardent knitters as a result.
4. Much as I try, it’s hard to be in two places at once, and this is easier than cloning.

By promoting this knitting class we can encourage Craftsy to film more knitting classes! Currently cake icing, quilting and sewing hold the top spots and film four times a month, knitting a mere twice a month. We need to change this, and we will.

This is also a wonderful way to spread specialist knitting to crafters in other mediums. I’ve been watching quilting classes as my training to do the knitting class, and have discovered new quilting heroes. I would never have traveled to take a class. I love giving classes as birthday presents, too, becuase they can be queued to deliver on a certain day, either a specific class or any class.

Craftsy has the potential to become a great showcase for the talents of many different teachers, akin to a craft archive.

It would be incredibly cool if we manage to have a record launch for this class: please help me make it so!

Thank you so much for your help. Happy Stitches!



4 Responses to “4 more sleeps!”

  1. Kitts Says:

    Hello Lucy….I am a Craftsy junkie. Craftsy is so well put together. I can learn so many new techniques and it is so fun to work along on a project. I have been sewing for years and have experience in other crafts so there is lots to love about Craftsy. It is a fantastic way to explore other crafts you may be curious about trying also. My favorite classes are the quilting and knitting classes. A few months ago I took my first knitting class on Craftsy and learned how to knit. I have been able to quickly learn things that would have taken years to learn on my own with books alone. I asked Craftsy to have a class on double knitting and have enjoyed their first one on this subject- Adventures in Double-Knitting and really learned a lot from that. I am sooooo glad that you are now a Craftsy instructor! I have never heard of you before I guess because I am so new to knitting. You are a fantastic teacher and your patterns are amazing. Please, Please, pretty please (yes, I am begging!) do more classes for Craftsy. I would love some classes from you that work through some of your patterns.

    • Pamela Cornutt Says:

      I’m so glad that you have a Craftsy class; I have already bought it 🙂 Now you have me looking into their quilting classes; thanks for the multi-crafting enabling 🙂

    • Thanks so much for joining my class. I hope it will shape the way you regard your stitches! Please lobby Craftsy for more classes and keep mentioning it your friends. I’m loving being able to spend time with my colleagues, we usually pass like ships in the night also to dabble in new areas such as sewing and quilting.

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