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Knitters Rock April 8, 2013

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Thank you so much, all you passionate knitters out there! Woohoo!! We have cracked the magic 1000 subscribers mark in my Foundations of Double Knitting class on Craftsy.  Let’s face it, knitters just rock! OK, I promise I won’t mention numbers again for a very long time.

I’m happily keeping pace with Craftsy student questions and I’m thoroughly enjoying the student interaction. Craftsy’s interface is designed to allow easy fielding of questions and to make answering them efficient and mostly painless for the instructor.

Today, by the way,  all classes are on sale, right across the board. This is your chance to indulge in something you’ve wanted to try, but were unsure of whether to take the leap or not. Do it today, your mind will be pleased!

I love cross-fertilization between crafts. I value highly what I learned from spinning (notably Navaho Knitting and ideas on balanced stitches) and apply that knowledge to knitting. I’m watching the parallels between my colour use in knitting and in my new-found hobby of fabric piecing (colour blending makes all the difference). These are just a few of the gems that come to mind right now. (I have sewn, cross-stitched, spun, crocheted, tatted, embroidered, made bobbin lace, dyed, and felted in my past.)

I haven’t watched a large number of Craftsy classes yet – I watch them while exercising on the treadmill; it does take a while at half an hour per day! I’ve enjoyed Nancy Marchant’s Brioche class: a great grounding and guidance through a couple of patterns to whet your appetite for the beautiful works in her book.
I’m helping my newly-knitting sister in the UK with Carol Feller’s Celtic Cables Cardigan. It’s a great way for me to mentor her from afar.
I have felt empowered to have wild fun with free motion quilting after watching Leah Day’s classes.
Fiona Ellis is next on my hit list….

How easy it is now to stretch our minds, compared to the effort required before the internet connected us to the whole world! I can not imagine giving it up now


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