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I get Email… April 18, 2013

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Downtown Tancook Island

Home Sweet Home on Tancook Island

I am posting (with the author’s permission) a delightful email I got recently.  Coming as it did, mere days before my next long teaching trip is starting, it banished my annoyance at having to pack so many knitting samples, at facing another round of airport security types,  flight cancellations and at sleeping somewhere other than home.

“Dear Lucy, (and I do mean dear!)

I have been a newbie knitter for about 30 years, LOL! Seriously, I have always loved knitting and crocheting, and have dabbled for a very long time, but I have always had such trouble with my tension, that my stitches were SO tight on my needles and I couldn’t ever fix it no matter how hard I tried. So I gave up. Over and over again, I gave up. All that changed when I found your website through Cat Bordhi’s website (who I stumbled across on Pinterest).

On a whim, I decided to try holding my yarn continental style and, like magic, I could control my tension and stitches! I knit and ripped for practice a few times, then I dove in headfirst and knit a baby hat. Now I’ve just started an adorable cardigan for a dear friend who is going to have her first baby this year.

So I just wanted to write & say thank you so much for your amazing videos. They (you) have LITERALLY changed my life.

Name redacted ”

Suddenly I was overwhelmed by the wonder and delight of being a teacher, an enabler. Exactly THIS is what gives my life so much meaning and makes all my hard work worthwhile. I love to share the joy of knitting, especially the joy of knitting well and with pleasure.

I will leave on this next trip knowing that what I have to share may make some knitter(s) very happy. I look forward to all the wonderful knitters I will meet in the next few weeks!

Air Force 1 in Boston

Air Force 1 in Boston

The Capitol in Concord NH

The Capitol in Concord NH


3 Responses to “I get Email…”

  1. Norma Heroux Says:

    I did so enjoy three days of classes with you & Elegant Ewe.your suggestion in the way I turn my yarn around the needle is very helpful. Hopefully I can keep up the good work. LOL.

  2. Louise Says:

    Lucy, I wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the three days of classes at The Wool Boutique. I am looking forward to passing all the information that I learned from you onto my students and I am hoping to be able to learn much more from you through your dvds, your tube channel and more in person classes in the future!

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