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Good Morning Sunshine! April 25, 2013

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Air Force 1 in Boston

Air Force 1 in Boston

Really, Really Good Morning! I’m in California, just outside San Jose. The sun is shining (I gather Nova Scotia has had a cold dreary wet week). It’s so lush and green here, with steep, bubbly hills covered with trees (with leaves!). The natives take this all for granted: of course there are leaves and sunshine in April! To me, it is still entirely magical. Leaves happen in June, after all.

As part of my new policy of sniffing more roses, I’ve taken a couple of days out of my trip to spend some time with a knitting friend before traveling on to Nine Rubies, just outside San Francisco, for weekend workshops. Is all this perhaps the wisdom of age starting to poke at me? Perhaps life really is short?

In spite of an inauspicious beginning, this trip has been going well. On the evening before my early morning departure, United Airlines left me a message informing me that they’d cancelled my flight, but not to worry: “We have rebooked you for a day later!”

I then spent six times the amount of patience I had, on hold, trying to get through to them on the phone.  Surely they could have left a number that would have led me to assistance a little faster, since they were the ones messing me about? When I did get through (thankfully the phone battery held out), their attitude was that I was the one being a nuisance, wanting to change things!

I ended up flying to Boston, rather than Manchester, as I needed to get to my destination the next day. Classes began at the Elegant Ewe on Friday. I usually allocate a whole day for travel legs (to allow for slight delays), but allocating two days, just in case the airlines mess up, seems ridiculous!

Our plane’s arrival in Boston was held up by some guy with a big, shiny plane called Air Force 1, who seemed to want a more than the usual amount of air space. Surely that calls far more attention to his presence? I was, however, very saddened by the news of the Boston explosions. The contrast between freedom, joy and personal achievement that characterizes the Boston marathon and the horror and wanton destruction made this atrocity even more obscene.
The workshops at Elegant Ewe went swimmingly. I believe this is my 5th multi day knit-fest for them! Wonderful place, delightful and creative students.

Then I got to the tricky travel bit: getting to Washington State. Flights seem to either leave ridiculously early or much too late. I prefer to take the early option so that I have a fall-back position if that one fails, something which seems to happen disturbingly frequently these days. However, when I had to get up at 0345 and head west, with a 3 hour time change ahead, it didn’t seem quite as jolly!

Yorkshire Yarns was fun and Sonya a delight, but it all went by like a whirlwind. I left straight from the workshop to the airport, just in case of encountering newly created hold-ups in security, which I’d been hearing about. As it turned out, I was through in 7 mins, but it’s the uncertainty that gets to you. Perhaps I do need to be a day early for a flight? I am always so relieved when I get to where I ought to be.

I absolutely love meeting new knitters (old knitters, too) on my teaching travels, but the stresses associated with the actual traveling are a little less entertaining.

The Capitol in Concord NH

The Capitol in Concord NH

Yorkshire Yarn next to the old theater

Yorkshire Yarn next to the old theater


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  1. Renee Anne Says:

    Ah, you’re now in my neck of the woods….even doing classes at my LYS.

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