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Double Knitting: How it Softly Took over my Mind, a Pair of Stitches at a Time May 27, 2013

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PreLaunchPost4It has come as a bit of a surprise to me that my brain has become an inexhaustible well of double knitting designs. The ideas come unbidden. I am filled with enthusiasm. I then find that each idea is great fun to execute (although a real chore to write up as a pattern). The technical possibilities are delicious. Yes, this is how I know my mind has been appropriated by the DK Demon.

What concerns me ever so slightly is that this DK syndrome may be very contagious. If you wish to continue to be safe from engaging in double knitting, please stop reading this blog NOW. Judging by emails that have come in, I have already infected a large number of formerly normal knitters with this bug, and am reaching many more with my Craftsy class.

“I own dozens of craftsy classes, and this is by far my favorite. Lucy’s personality is twice as colorful as her hair! Not only will you learn double knitting techniques that enable you to make the class projects, you will also learn how to think for yourself and apply what she’s teaching you to any knitting project you might wish to add a super secret pocket to. When I’m listening to Lucy I get caught up in the language she chooses to describe what she’s doing. Sometimes she makes me laugh so hard I am at risk of having coffee come out of my nose. I haven’t knit a single stitch, because I forget to… I’m way too busy watching Lucy’s magic hands double knitting!”

I should have recognized the earliest symptom of the affliction, way back in 2007: I insisted on filming the Double Knitting Delight DVD, knowing there was probably only a tiny market of eccentric knitters for it. That it would likely never repay its cost of production was a given. This DVD was a slow seller for years, and then it started selling a little more, and yet a little more…
Double Knitting Delight has become so popular that it, like my other DVDs, is now available on LucyNeatby.com in online video format (watch online or download, as you wish).

The DK bug was working in mysterious ways, at first infecting the very curious knitter who only wanted to know what double knitting was, and then insidiously spreading to friends, and even friends of friends.

If you have read this far, you are now ready to be seduced to double knitting. Do you know that even if you know nothing at all about this brilliant art, you too can have your mind taken over, quite painlessly? Just take my Craftsy class, Foundations of Double Knitting. Yes, it’s that easy. Once you try it, you too may be hooked. Your friends will wonder about you, but your knitting prowess will blow them away!

For those of you wondering, the Big Knit goes on. I’m past 1200 sts per round now!Pattern taking shape


2 Responses to “Double Knitting: How it Softly Took over my Mind, a Pair of Stitches at a Time”

  1. lilchari Says:

    My sweet daughter learned to knit 8 years ago but gave it up when her knitting buddy moved to NYC. Yesterday, through the magic of technology, I was watching Foundations on our semi-big screen. She was walking through the room as you picked up the Padded Sole Socks. She sat down (a rare occurrence these days) with me. She actually asked me to reteach her to knit so she can make those socks. (She also likes her hair.)
    School will be out in 2 weeks. I’m loving our new summer plans. Thank you.

  2. Marie Says:

    Love Dk knitting too. The only kind of knitting I’ve done in months!

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