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Inspirations! June 6, 2013

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ImageFor the first time in many years I’m having a quiet at-home summer. It is a lovely feeling to know that my trips to the airport are only to pick up family and friends. I can take a deep relaxed breath, secure that if I request a library book, I will actually be here when it comes in. Oh, and I will even see my Iceland poppies bloom this summer! There is time to think and contemplate — time to recharge my batteries for next fall.

Knitters, and even others, occasionally ask where I get inspiration from. Since I have time to think about these deep questions, I will highlight some of the sources this summer. The book that today set me off on that train of thought is Collaborative Quilting by Freddie Moran and Gwen Marston (published by Stirling/Chapelle).

Gwen and Freddie make amazing quilts together despite living a great distance apart. They each make parts and then bring them together, add magic and sew! I have no problem spending hours absorbed in this book, going through it over and over again. Their fine use of colour makes my brain’s colour sensors sizzle.

The pictures of the completed quilts are glorious. However, it is the detail shots of the individual squares that have me salivating (and wanting to rush to the fabric store this very minute). This book inspires me to think about the personalities of colours and how to combine them to create drama. It makes my mind want to play and create (rather than do something useful such as, say, vacuuming up cat hair).ImageImageImage


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