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Daylight robbery? June 26, 2013

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ImageThere have not been many blog posts recently; they just don’t make the days long enough anymore. I feel like a juggler with many plates balanced on sticks and I’m just trying to jog them all along uniformly, whilst hobbling along with a pinched sciatic nerve. (This is a new-to-me experience and not one that I would recommend!) My plates brim with generous servings of both business/clerical, knitting, quilting and personal projects.

Stephanie and I are busy getting ready to launch a major Canada Day/Independence Day web SALE. It will feature a selection of patterns and 40% off all my “virtual” DVDs (i.e. the video versions). The sale will start at 0001 hrs Atlantic time on July 1st, and end at 0001 hrs Atlantic time on July 8th. With the Universe unfolding in its usual awkward manner, this sale naturally manages to coincide with Stephanie coordinating a major family life event, so we have restricted the sale to products that will not require packing and shipping!

I’m in the final editing stages of my new (one year late already) e-book, A Little Book of BIG Holes for Hand-knitters! All the patterns are now back from tech editing and I’m trying to ensure consistency in all aspects. For someone who is uniformly inconsistent, this is proving a huge trial.

On a personal note, someone in this household is on a major diet, so we are fitting in many extra hours of walking. The irony is that he is getting fitter and faster, and I’m hobbling worse than when I started. Thankfully I have discovered that I can be comfortable on my bike again – at least it’s great until I try to get off!
(This diet situation also entails me trying to think of new and exciting ways to create a filling meal with 3 lettuce leaves and a radish!)

Diane and I are still working away on the monster DK Sunburst blankets.Image They continue to grow triffid-like, but I do have to start thinking of a way to end it all! I’m very thankful of a knitting-constant in life, but it does now occupy a very large knitting bag (and I can’t sit for very long to knit).

In the office, we are learning how to cover some of the many roles than Susan filled. She is still with us in spirit and on Skype, but she’s living on Vancouver Island now – the other side of the continent. Our bill payment system is still a bit haphazard! Susan kindly gave us an excellent handover period, but there is nothing like reality hitting the fan. She had been quietly integral to us since the beginning, doing things on time and carefully (and therefore un-noticably). Now that she’s gone, we certainly notice all the things she was doing!

I’m enjoying the class feedback from Craftsy. We’ve got such a dedicated gang of DK knitters working away that I expect there are going to be some happy toasty feet this winter (a double-soled sock is one of the class’s included patterns).

My major project is filming. I’m working on a series of 9 tutorial videos for the Mysterious Disappearing Dots Scarf pattern – this will bring our total to 5 Tutorials. I have also been making regular updates to my lucyknit YouTube channel. (Please sign up and tell your friends – it’s all free.) An exciting new filming project is a series of video clips that will form the basis of my forthcoming Double Knitting Technique Club. More on this another day.

All of these movies require editing and careful storage and archiving. It is very easy to get muddled in one’s mind as to which bit belongs to which project! I have now developed a storage and archiving system. I have slowly been forced to recognize that careful organization, including proper filing and naming routines, are my best friend.

Into all of this I’m squeezing some Tancook island time, gardening, mainland free-motion quilting, family and friend visits, and the odd beer!Image

Remember the SALE, knitters! If you haven’t yet given the video versions of the DVDs a try, do get one and see how convenient it is to have all the techniques “on tap”.


3 Responses to “Daylight robbery?”

  1. re your facebook post about the ads, I can’t see them. Lovely son put on ad blocker. While I’m here can I thank you for your fantastic youtube videos, I am having so much fun learning different types of cast on and stitches. My chum is off to woolfest and is buying something wild for me to make your bicycle socks.

    • Thanks for your comments about my You Tube clips. You can view all of them all tidily listed together through a Notebook on my website. Just register and look under the YouTube tab in your Notebook. Have fun with the Bicycle socks.

  2. Margaret Biggs-Melanson Says:

    It is often only known what we really do, only after we are no longer there to do … or take a day off … or several days off … from the usual mundane chores we do around the house, that we are truly appreciated. Only when there are no longer socks in the drawer or leftovers in the fridge … LOL!!!. I am quite sure you are missing Susan.

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