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Coming in September 2013: My New On-line Double Knitting Technique Club. July 29, 2013

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No, I have not fallen off the edge of the earth. The recent dearth of blog posts is the result of my being totally absorbed in filming videos for my new online knitting club. As I went down the path of the potential uses of the Notebook in my website. new side-roads kept opening and off I went on one of them, to create an advanced techniques club! (I am still coming to grips with all the fun things one can do with the Internet.)

The filming is a challenge, as the ideas keep coming at me in groups rather than in a tidy series. The videos have to be made one-by-one, in stages (as knitting progresses), and I can’t risk working on too many of them simultaneously; it would make my mind reel to keep track of it all. Often the beginning “title still shot” has to photographed at the very end, and so the video can’t be truly completed and put to bed until more knitting is done.

As the videos are completed, they are processed for web-viewing and added to the online locker of club videos. The code that will let you join the club, will add the videos to your Notebook, and will let you view/download them is currently being tweaked and tested. There is a lot going on behind the scenes to get us ready to launch in September.

About the Club:

This is the club for all of you who have discovered the magic of double knitting and are now lusting after more advanced forms of DK sorcery. The Double Knitting Technique Club will give you an ongoing supply of new techniques, in the form of videos supplemented by workshop-style notes. Membership will be by a one-time fee, no annual renewals. Your growing library of videos and notes will be stored in your Notebook (Knitting Clubs) on our website. You may download the videos if you wish, but you won’t need to archive them. New videos will be added periodically and the written notes will continue to evolve. (Note: This club will not offer yarn packs or full patterns.)

When I was at sea, I had spare time with nowhere to go; this is when I began to experiment with the mechanics of knitting. The joy of knitting engineering has never left me. As you know, I am hook-line-and-sinker possessed by double knitting. This has led me to explore techniques to make double knitting produce all kinds of wonderful (weird?) effects. These somewhat-less-than-mainstream DK techniques are the ones I will be featuring in the DK Club collection. Most will be techniques I have not found time to incorporate into patterns.

For instance, you may have the perfect cardigan, but it needs a perfectly finished, side-opening DK pocket: Here you will find it, both left- and right-opening.

I will be using the contents of my Double Knitting Delight DVD and my Craftsy class as reference material, so you might want to have access to both of these to cover the basics of DK.

We will be setting up a Ravelry forum for this club, separate from the Neatby Knitters. Here you will be able to ask questions, revel in all things DK, comment on the videos, or pose me a DK challenge – it may lead to a new video! All Ravelry members will, of course, be welcome here. Do keep an eye out for our early-bird sign up opportunity; it will be announced here in August.

Image 4

PS The hat shown is my latest DK hat, the Igloo Hat – I’m working on the pattern and tutorials for this one too.


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