Happy Stitches

Keep your stitches smiling!

Presenting Diane December 3, 2013

My name is Diane Nolet and I am Lucy’s workshop coordinator.  My function is to provide future Hosts with information they will need to offer their clients a truly remarkable learning experience in Lucy’s workshops.


My knitting began at age 5 or so emulating my maternal grandmother and my Mom.  This fascination with knitting never saw a hiatus.  In fact, while serving in the Canadian Forces some of my Air Crew colleagues would tease me.  They wanted me to knit them a VW before we landed in Dusseldorf.

Fiesta 2

I originally bought the Fiesta Feet pattern from Kathryn Thomas at Fleece Artist and made several pairs using various yarns.

My association with Lucy began with the pattern Fiesta Feet, which I had bought from Katherine Thomas at Fleece Artist in the mid 1990’s.  Eventually, I met Lucy and Susan Hannah at the Cole Harbour Library one evening when Lucy was doing a knitting presentation with a display of her work.  That evening, I brought some of my collection of Fiesta Feet socks that I had created out of  various yarns.  Thus began my personal relationship with Lucy.


Here, a friend of Lucy’s is modelling one of my Sky Diamond Hats which I test-knit for Lucy last winter

Occasionally, I test knit patterns for Lucy.  This is very much a high spot in my knitting life.  I live for a challenge and Lucy provides the opportunity with her stimulating, cutting-edge designs. Over time, I have become addicted to almost anything to do with double knitting and have enjoyed test-knitting Lucy’s DK patterns.

Recently, Lucy’s creative genius formulated a concept for a DK blanket.  This project is started in the center without a slipknot and consists of eight segments or wedges.  The project was so intriguing: when Lucy asked me if I was interested, I was over the moon! The Sunburst Blanket was, without a doubt, the largest, most intensive labour of love that I have embarked on to-date. Honestly, I was never bored while working on it and when it was complete, I even experienced some withdrawal symptoms! That was soon put to rest as Lucy had another project for me; her Igloo series of warm winter wear, hat (with two different cast ons), headband and cowl.  What fun!


I used Kauni Effektgarn EQ-Spectrum paired with EPA-Cowichan Colours for my Sunburst Blanket,it was such an enjoyable knit! I miss working on it and now I’m looking forward to casting on my own Zinnia Blanket.


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