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A fantastic Project is in the Works for Android Users! January 27, 2014

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Sally Holt's knitCompanion

Sally Holt’s knitCompanion

Are you an Android user? Have you ever lamented the fact that you couldn’t get KnitCompanion for your device? It’s a wonderful app which, up to now, has only been available to iPod, iPad and iPhone users. If you haven’t had the opportunity to use it,  you may not fully appreciate what knitCompanion has to offer. It makes following a pattern and reading even the most complex charts a breeze.
I’m pleased to share Sally Holt’s good news!  She is about to roll up her sleeves and get to work on creating the app for the Android platform but she needs our help. She’s using Kickstarter to try to raise enough funds to develop the app for you and your knitting friends.
Sally's Android App project is in the works!

Sally’s Android App project is in the works!

I can hardly begin to describe the challenges of developing this software so that it works on all Android platforms. The Apple iOS platform is one tightly controlled ecosystem, but there are almost as many flavours of android operating systems as there are jellybeans. I’m sure it can be done, but it will take much testing and coding, then some more of the same. Sally’s high standards will ensure that it will be a gem when it is done.In Sally’s words: “The total cost to redevelop knitCompanion for Android is approximately $200,000.  Our company is small.  And the costs for Android are high, in part due to the need to purchase additional hardware and licenses for capabilities that are included free in the iOS platform.” 
 Please support a wonderful small US business by submitting a donation. Yes, every single donation makes a difference, no matter how small. If the funds are raised, the project will go full-steam ahead. So vote with your dollars and ask your friends to do the same. By the way, not a cent is taken from your account unless the target is met.
I’m going to pledge  and I’m not even a regular Android user!  It’s important that Apple not be the only game in town: let’s support the development of a super Knit Companion for android tablets and phones.
Lucy's Patterns app

Lucy’s Patterns app

Here at LucyNeatby.com we do offer two Android apps of our own, both of which are free. One is the Lucy’s Patterns app (requires no permissions), which is a recently updated digital catalogue of my patterns, giving you details of pattern type, level, yarn requirements, etc. The other is Patterns Plus, an app that you can use as a catalogue, that lets you interact with the website to download stuff from your LucyNeatby.com Notebook or add patterns to your wishlist, and to view any of your Lucy videos.

Lucy’s Patterns can be downloaded and installed  here  and this  is the link for the Patterns Plus app. (If you have a moment to review them on-line, that would be appreciated too!)

Back to Zinnia knitting for me…

Lucy's Patterns Plus app

Lucy’s Patterns Plus app


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