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My Happy Sewn Stitches! February 12, 2014

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Many of you have watched my descent into quilting with interest. My early quilts were ready after much intensive basting (involving much crawling around on the floor), then  finished with a combination of machine stitching the the straight bits and hand quilting the squiggly ones. The machine stitching often resulted in the layers migrating.  All in all, fairly tedious and with results I wasn’t fully satisfied with!
detail of my fish quilt--note the basting stitches

detail of my fish quilt–note the basting stitches

Then a friend recommended that I look at Leah Day’s website and was delighted to find she had filmed a Craftsy course. I had wanted to watch some Craftsy classes in preparation for filming mine,  Foundations of Double Knitting,  and this one fit the bill.   In enrolling in this class, I could both learn more about free motion quilting and watch an experienced Craftsy teacher in action!
I enjoyed Leah’s class,  Free Motion Quilting A Sampler.  I had struggled just enough on my own to appreciate the full merit of her suggestions. From watching this class  and implementing the techniques I learned from Leah, I have become an avid and enthusiastic free motion quilter. No more struggling with basting threads, now I’m totally liberated in my approach.  Leah has an easy-on-the-ear voice and offers sage advice with an open mind. I would advise any quilter to try it – you might like it!
My current quilt: for the youngest tractor aficionado of the family!

My current quilt: for the youngest tractor aficionado of the family!


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