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Stephen West’s Shawlscapes Class on Craftsy March 26, 2014

As a Craftsy Instructor, I enjoy taking the time to watch other classes there, both for their educational value and to learn more about presentation methods.  I’ve been able to learn some interesting lessons on both ends from most of the Craftsy classes I’ve watched and  like to share some of my insights with you along the way.

Stephen West Shawlscapes Class on Craftsy

I recently watched Stephen West’s Shawlscapes class and found him to be a most entertaining presenter. I enjoyed his approach, yet found I had to pace my consumption of the classes: you can have too much of a good thing!

In this class, Stephen gently guides you through his shawl design process, gradually leading you from simple beginnings into shawls that look far more complex than you know they really are – once the path of their development has been revealed. You could take this class on two levels: as an explanation of the fairly simple techniques he employs and how to knit the  Boneyard Shawl pattern  included in this class, or as a guide to designing your own creations. Watch for his particularly unusual method for removing excess water from a project before blocking!

Stephen’s approach to shawl knitting is both informative and inspiring for the new shawl knitter and a wonderful resource for those tempted to try their own designs.  His teaching style is unique and entertaining, without compromising the lesson plan.  Well worth a try!


One Response to “Stephen West’s Shawlscapes Class on Craftsy”

  1. Peg Van Andel Says:

    Hi Lucy,

    How thoroughly generous of you to do this.

    I did not know who Stephen West was, and I thank you so much for this “introduction!”

    I am listening to Stephen’s course now as I have my morning tea, and I am enjoying every minute.

    Thanks again,

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