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Bundles of Joy June 10, 2014

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Fiesta Party Bundle

Fiesta Party Bundle

I really want you to knit, so am always on the lookout for ways to offer you more value on my website.  My latest brainchild has just been unveiled by our web guru and talented knitter, Corrie.  Bundles are collections of .pdf Patterns, Patterns plus Tutorials or eBooks and related Patterns which we will be offering at a reduced price.


Mysterious Disappearing Dots Bundle

Mysterious Disappearing Dots Bundle


With Bundles, we will be able to put together special deals on collections of downloadable materials. Some Bundles will become a regular offering (such as a pattern paired with its Tutorial), others will be limited-time  special offers.  Our first such special offer, which will be available until the end of this month, is the Cool Socks Bundle, featuring my Cool Socks Warm Feet eBook plus BOTH of the Sock Techniques DVDs in Video Download format!

Cool Socks Bundle

This special Bundle includes my Cool Socks Warm Feet eBook PLUS both of the Sock Techniques DVDs in Video Download format and is available through the month of June 2014.

To purchase a Bundle product, you will have to register for an account on the website (if you don’t yet have one) and log in before purchasing. That way, your patterns, videos or ebooks can be added to your Notebook: patterns to My Patterns, DVD videos to My DVDs, etc.  You can then view them online or download any of these materials at your leisure.  For those of you with data plans, this will save you a lot of grief: wait to download until you’re home at your desktop or laptop!

These are just some of the Bundles currently on offer:

DK Hats Bundle

DK Hats Bundle

The DK Hats Bundle features three of my double-knit hat patterns and the 6-part DK Hats Tutorial!


Sunburst Blanket Bundle

Sunburst Blanket Bundle

The Sunburst Bundle includes the Sunburst Blanket pattern and its accompanying 8-part Tutorial


Equilateral Bundle

Equilateral Bundle

The Equilateral Bundle includes my Equilateral Hat and Opera Bag patterns


These and many more are already available at LucyNeatby.com.  We will be offering more Bundles and will keep you updated whenever there is a new “Special Offer” Bundle for sale!


We hope you will take advantage of our Bundles,

Happy Stitches!


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  1. Love all this colour. Gorgeous knitting!

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