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My First Socks! August 13, 2014

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My First SocksMy latest class at Craftsy.com My First Socks, is now live and available for purchase. I admit I haven’t had a moment to watch it yet. It’s rather odd walking away from the studio and taking no further part in the production. (Quite unlike the months of behind the scenes activity I was involved in when producing my own DVDs.) It’s a good feeling to have an expert team behind you.
It feels a little odd to be doing an introduction to socks class when my other Craftsy class (Foundations of Double Knitting) and probably my main customer base are at the other end of the knitting spectrum! So for those kind and wonderful souls who have supported me over the years and would like to support this class, think about setting up a gift purchase for your as yet un-sock-indocrinated friends! What I love about the gift purchase is you can do the business and set the class to deliver to your recipient on an appointed day in the future. Take care of birthday’s and Christmas now!
My aim with this class was to offer a solid practical entry into the world of sock knitting. I really had to reign myself in to avoid offering too many distracting choices at this point. A sock has a surprising level of complexity when it is all new to you. I hope that I will be able to launch many new sockists with this class!
What was your breakthrough sock knitting moment?

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9 Responses to “My First Socks!”

  1. Patty09 Says:

    Just signed up! Have already made a dozen pairs of socks, toe up, from a local class two years ago. However, I can still use the extra techniques you will teach, and the chance to understand top down construction. Plus being able to review again, as needed, will be so nice! So, count me as an experienced knitter of sorts, who will still be really glad to have this class! Many thanks!

  2. Anya Says:

    I’ve been knitting since my oldest was born (and he just turned 14), but I waited 11 years to knit socks because it looked so intimidating– the heel turn!. I made Clara Parkes’ Stepping Stones for him because he was going to all sorts of scouting hikes and camp-outs, and he LOVED them. That was what made me a sock knitter. Now everyone gets their own hand-knit socks! :). I’ll be giving your class to my 12-year-old daughter, who is a beginner (can knit and purl, decrease, knit in the round, follow a pattern, make a hat). The class looks terrific! 🙂

  3. Marilyn Says:

    Hi, Lucy –
    I am really excited about your new sock workshop! I have knit many things, but have stayed away from socks because they just seemed way too complicated for me. I am ready to take the plunge now, but I just wanted to let you know that the link in your post isn’t working for me. (I know I can go directly to Craftsy myself, but then I wouldn’t get your discount.)
    Warm regards from Alberta. 🙂

  4. uvocca Says:

    I could swear you gave us a link for the new Craftsy sock class for $14.99. I seem to have lost it. What a wonderful gift it will be for my daughter, among others. Was I hallucinating? Knit on Ursula Vocca

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  5. uvocca Says:

    Hi Ursula here, yet again! I remembered that offer was on Facebook. Found it. Bought it as a gift. Thank you.

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