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Summer Sale! August 25, 2014

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Hot Pink,Mango, Buttercup, Lime, Turquoise and Pansy (purple).

Hot Pink,Mango, Buttercup, Lime, Turquoise and Pansy (purple).

There are  just two more days of our super Sumer sale to go!
There are bargains on plastic DVDs, books, Addi Turbo needles, Kauni bargain bundles, to name but a few items. For full details please see my latest Spunyarn newsletter.

This is an ideal time to fill in the gaps in your plastic DVD collections. Treat yourself to some of the more esoteric titles that you might have skipped at full price!

I anticipate that once current stocks are gone that we will no longer be carrying the plastic discs. Many of our customers have moved to the digital no-postage-required versions.

I’m often asked what the differences are between the virtual and plastic discs:

The content of the discs are the same, but formatted slightly differently to accommodate their respective medium.

Plastic discs are ideal for playing on bigger screens and televisions , the content is accessed by clicking on the index.

The virtual DVDs are designed for downloading or streaming and viewing on a laptop or tablet. The topics can be accessed individually or in chapters.  We archive your virtual DVD purchases for you in your Notebook on our website. They may be downloaded or streamed.

The choice between them is dependent on how you plan to view them.

I’d like to know if you have any favourite techniques that you discovered from the DVDs?


LN DVD Venus1


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