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Big Excitement at Lucy Neatby Designs: October 3, 2014

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Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 7.53.05

Our current web home page.

We will be launching our brand-new  website this weekend. The changeover is scheduled for early Sunday morning, Oct 5th. There will be a short period during which you will not be able to sign in and during which your Notebook will be inaccessible.

Our wonderful website administrator. Corrie, has been rewriting the website code this year (as well as holding down her third year of university Computer Science studies), applying many of the new tech skills she has mastered over the last few years. It is amazing, in this day of WordPress and other pre-fab website tools, to have a site handcrafted uniquely for us: it does just what we want it to, and does it how we want it to!

Our old website was built several years ago on buttercup rootstock. Since then we have grown and flourished into a mighty oak, with new and previously unimagined products, such as DVD Videos, Knitting Clubs, Bundles of products, and Tutorials.

We hope you will enjoy the new cleaner look, larger font and improved usability. The main changes are below the soil, making it more streamlined behind the scenes to provide you with even better service. (Our behind-the-scenes Administration section has become a thing of beauty!)

Blossom with petals Side B

Blossom with petals Side B




4 Responses to “Big Excitement at Lucy Neatby Designs:”

  1. BTW Corrie has given me permission to mention – that she’ll be celebrating her 67th birthday this month. I’ll have to ask her to write up her late entry university experiences!

  2. Barb Osler Says:

    Bon voyage! (that’s what they say when a ship is launched n’est-ce pas?) Look forward to wandering around the new website. Cheers, Barbie O.

  3. BMGM Says:

    Ooh, I do want to read about Corrie’s lifelong learning experience. This website is a fantastic senior synthesis project!

    I hope all goes as planned this weekend.

    • corrie Says:

      The new website installation seems to have gone as choreographed. So many places for things to go wrong — so many places where they didn’t! Working between a computer here in Nova Scotia and our webhosting computer in California leaves a lot of room for chaos to flap its butterfly wings.
      There will still be a few little buggy things in the site for me to squash, I imagine, but hopefully not too many.

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