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Hello Holli! November 24, 2014

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Haven from Tempest by Holli Yeoh

I’ve been home for nearly a calendar month now. It’s been years since I’ve had this much time at home without visitors or family celebrations intervening, to simply be. Living on the road or out of a suitcase leads to a very surface life. You do what is strictly necessary to hold it all together, but you don’t have time to browse or muse.

One of the things that goes by the board is reading. I have a series of books (that I am sure are wonderful) sent to me by friends that I haven’t had a moment to even crack the cover on, let alone comment on. To any friends that I may have inadvertently offended by this, I apologize. (I hardly even have time to promote my own completed creations, new ones in progress always take precedence.) I am determined to take a few of my slightly more leisured moments to take a peek as some of these gems now.

Holli Yeoh and I go back many years. We first met on one of Shirl the Purl’s wonderful Knit With Us holidays. Here’s a pic (pre-digital) of Holli kindly modeling my Radiant Shawl for me in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Radiant Shawl with Holli

Radiant Shawl with Holli

I’ve always been in awe of Holli’s sound technical approach to knitting, her teaching skills and her incredible sense of style.

Holli’s new book Tempest (title inspired by West Coast weather), in conjunction with Sweet Georgia Yarns, captures all of the above. The book contains a variety of stylish knits for many occasions, all knit in beautiful yarns. I particularly love the supporting Tempest website, which offers technique videos, lots of pictures of the garments and a forum to discuss and share projects.

Well done Holli!

The print book can be purchased here.
The e-book can be purchased on Ravelry.

For a chance to win an e copy of Tempest – please leave a comment and we’ll have Poseidon the cat randomly select a winner in a week’s time!






33 Responses to “Hello Holli!”

  1. Janet Payne Says:

    I have this book and it is wonderful, met Holly at Knit City this year and of course Sweet Georgia yarns are to dye for.

  2. Hope Says:

    Holli always produces beautiful patterns and I love Felicia’s yarn! I also offer Poseidon virtual ear scritches. 🙂

  3. sharon. Says:

    So many great projects in this book, I think my all time favourite is Eventide! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  4. Marcia Mahood Says:

    Oh I would love a copy of this book. Also a fan of Sweet Georgia yarns!

  5. Kimberly Mayhan Says:

    I’d love to win a copy of this book. The designs are beautiful.

  6. Sue H Says:

    Love the drapiness of Stormwatch and the added details on the sides. The chevrons knitted into Eventide are very trendy right now. Looks like a wonderful book!

  7. Alice Says:

    Haven is looking extra cosy while I’m suffering from a cold!

  8. JoLynn Says:

    It would be grand to win a copy of this book. Just over at Ravelry looking at her lovely patterns.

  9. christinelaennec Says:

    I would love a copy of this book too. Poseidon please pick me!

  10. Alicia Says:

    Lovely patterns! Also like the Sweet Georgia yarns.

  11. Jeneane Says:

    I would love to win a copy – thanks for the chance

  12. robin54 Says:

    What beautiful patterns! Would love to be the lucky winner…thank you for the opportunity to win…

  13. Linda Says:

    Beautiful patterns and gorgeous yarn, what a winning combination. Thank you for the chance to win.

  14. Those are some pretty knits!

  15. Ingrid Says:

    I’d love to win this! Looks like a great book.

  16. I would love to win this….my friend did this in a test knit and I fell in love then….I am more in love now!

  17. Nadine Says:

    Those mitts are really cute. Thanks for the opportunity to meet another designer.

  18. Janice Says:

    Holli has created a wonderful collection of beautiful designs. I would love to win her book.

  19. Chris Says:

    I would love to win a copy of Tempest, I have been admiring the patterns. Thank you for providing this giveaway!

  20. Dari Trout Says:

    I am really inspired by the designs in this book! The yarns would be totally awesome to work with. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book! (I am sure I will end up purchasing it at some point)

  21. Mary Meyer Says:

    I love those mitts, want to make them for myself

  22. I am so pleased to become aware of another great designer. I am going to check out her work
    Thanks for recommending Holli.

  23. Rocksolana Says:

    Wow, What great patterns and colors. Some terrific gift ideas too. Thanks for doing a giveaway.

  24. Hat Says:

    I’d love the chance to be entered into the draw for Holli’s new book. I love her patterns.

  25. Lyn Y Says:

    A lovely book with great designs…..like knitting with Sweet Georgia yarn as well. Thanks.

  26. Emily Says:

    Stormwatch is my favourite pattern and I love working with Sweet Georgia!

  27. Chris Says:

    Here puss puss, I have some tuna treats. Love this.

  28. Raiyne Says:

    Just found your blog! Eventide is my favourite pattern in this book and I love the colours of Sweet Georgia Yarn.

  29. kate Says:

    that haven, man. I love that pattern so much and cannot wait to get it on my needles!

  30. Poseidon will be making his decision today!

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