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Poseidon Makes His Tempest Pick! December 6, 2014

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Poseidon in the quilt

Poseidon is a real connoisseur of the handmade–but not always with the best results…



Thank you all for your comments on Holli’s beautiful new book. Having pledged that Poseidon (our current cat in residence) would select the winner of a copy of Tempest, we had to find a way to make a cat work. Easier said than done.

You see, Poseidon does not have an unblemished work record. You can read about my birthday earrings to discover one of his earlier knitting atrocities.

We hit upon the idea of luring him by means of rattling a packet of cat-crack (treats), then letting him chase a cascade of falling numbers (to correspond with the comment numbers). While he was otherwise singularly disinterested, he did definitely nose at one of the numbers.

And so, we can announce our winner – Congratulations to Commenter#16 (Carrie)! Please email me at  info@lucyneatby.com and we will make the arrangements!

For the others, the consolation is that Holli’s book, in conjunction with SweetGeorgia Yarns, is still available. Vote with your dollar and support a designer!

Don’t forget the supporting Tempest website, which offers technique videos, lots of pictures of the garments and a forum to discuss and share projects.

The e-book can also be purchased on Ravelry.

Poseidon picks a winner

While initially disinterested, Poseidon was willing to work for treats.



ps: Don’t forget our special Daily Advent Calendar Pattern, bargain Bundles and treasures in the Clearance bin!


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