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Work out with Craftsy classes! March 12, 2015

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Weather unfit for walking!

Weather unfit for walking!

Since last April I’ve been trying hard to increase my level of daily exercise. To this end, on days when it has simply not been fit underfoot to venture out for a walk, I’ve been pounding the treadmill.

In order to keep myself sane whilst pretending to be a hamster, I’ve been watching a variety of Craftsy classes. As a by-product of this activity I’ve been reviewing the classes I have watched.

You can find my review page under the Information tab on my website. Watch for regular additions.

For the next few days ALL Craftsy classes are on sale: this is a great time to stock up for your future learning!

BTW, you can always find discount links to my Craftsy classes Foundations of Double Knitting and My First Socks on the home page of my website. Feel free to share these links with your friends. (Or maybe send them a class as a surprise gift!)

Learning to love chipping ice!

Learning to love chipping ice!


One Response to “Work out with Craftsy classes!”

  1. Marietta Says:

    When that all starts to melt, will you have flooding to deal with, on top of everything else? We spent 4 years in western Maryland – one year didn’t see the ground from mid-Dec. until well after April the 1st. That’s why we now live in Georgia! My fingers & toes feel your pain . . . .

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