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Fiber Art – wood and wool together May 21, 2015

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For once I’m not talking about knitting and needles. This is something quite different.

Two of my favourite artists (who happen to live in Nova Scotia), Sanna Rahola and Douglas Drdul are featured in this short film from the NS craft council. Take a moment to watch this – it’s a delight.

Watch it and be amazed, inspired and relaxed.

The harmonious yet contrasting combination of both of their art forms is an inspiration.

Below is a small piece of their art that hangs on my wall.


4 Responses to “Fiber Art – wood and wool together”

  1. Linda Says:

    Stunning and absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Deborah Keep Says:

    I enjoyed the video immensely thank you for sharing. I envy them their quiet peacefulness…………

  3. hockeyirene Says:

    Thank you so very much, Lucy, for this lovely video of two lives lived in a most conscious way. What beauty they live in, live with, and make. Inspiring, and yes – we must live the day we have – we don’t know of the next one.

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