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Churchill or bust! September 24, 2015

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More on this year’s Adventure Knitting saga…

The next leg of our Adventure Knitting tour was to Churchill, MB, on the shores of Hudson Bay.

Heading north!

Heading north, with a howl!

There are only three ways to get to Churchill.

The first is by cargo ship through Hudson Bay (an option not open to the casual traveler). Churchill has a grain terminal with a very short seasonal window of operation. Ships have to leave by mid-September or run the risk of spending the long winter stuck in the ice. They have to sail a lot further north to exit Hudson’s Bay.

The second option is to go by train (my first intention). Judy researched the train. It can take 30 hrs or more each way, is spartan in the extreme, and offers no food services. Quite suitable for knitting tuition, but the scenery after the first hour would become repetitive. Manitoba is flaaaat, infinitely flaaaat.

The linear fields and land around Winnipeg

The linear fields and land around Winnipeg

An expression very much at home in this landscape is: “You can watch your dog run away for days!” The train is also subject to frequent delays, as freight service (the grain) takes precedence over passenger service.

The final option was to take a plane. We took it.

I was initially surprised at how few people that I met in Winnipeg had ever been to Churchill, but once you look at the logistics– it’s understandable. There is no road connection; Churchill is remote. The situation is very similar to many of the Alaskan ports.

Once we had endured the crazy security lineups in Winnipeg and found ourselves on the tarmac to board our plane, travel suddenly had a different and friendlier, more human face. We were on a  Calm Air plane and the front half of the plane was sectioned off for cargo. A while back, I traveled on another flight up north, where the cargo area was occupied by dog sled teams! That was beyond cool.

The tundra, measelled with lakes and my first sight of Hudson Bay

The tundra, measeled with lakes and my first sight of Hudson Bay

As we descended from the clouds, the scenery was tundra, dotted all over with lakes (mosquito camp grounds); the overall appearance reminded me of a lichen-covered rock. We noticed: clean crisp air and an expanse of light.  Our adventure was about to begin, replete with an old school bus and a genuine rifle!

The lengths we will do to to prevent knitters from skipping class!

The lengths we will go to, to prevent knitters from skipping class!

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