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Flying with Friends! November 21, 2015

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CattitleCardI have just returned from a trip with Cat Bordhi. She is on tour in Peru, you say? Alright, so she was only virtually flying home to NS with me, being the ideal seat mate: quiet, considerate and very entertaining.

I finally found the time to watch her Craftsy class– Cat’s Moebius Knitting.  With these classes, I always download the individual lessons that I wish to watch onto my iPad ahead of time; I then have them on hand when I have an Internet-free moment. The videos are easy to delete (to reclaim the space on my device for other classes!), once I no longer wish to have them on hand.

Cat’s class was certainly a most pleasant way to pass a flight. She has, of course, managed to infect me with the desire to work moebius creations in double knit fabric; it was inevitable. I know others have done this, but I absolutely want to puzzle this one out myself! Stay tuned for experiments.


Cat Bordhi storm-stayed on Tancook Island a few years ago.


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