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Mardi Gras! A new DK blanket hits the needles November 27, 2015

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Mardi Gras DK blanketI suspect my inner colour maniac has been secretly steering me around to this project for years. As I travel from one exquisite yarn shop to another, I become wickedly tempted by the beautiful yarns. And, to quote another of my father’s apt sayings: “There’s only one thing I can’t resist; that’s temptation.”, and this twiglet follows in his footsteps. (Besides, as dedicated knitters, it surely is our public duty to make at least one purchase at every yarn store we visit.)

Yes, I stock and sell yarn. I have my own palette of colours (both mottled solids and handpaints)  in Celestial Merino yarn and Cat’s Pajamas, and the entire range of Kauni Effektgarn colours. And I love them. However, as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee puts it: it’s hard to stay faithful. And if this is our worst transgression, need we worry?

The odd skein of Madelinetosh has crept into my luggage over the years. I’ve evidently been quietly starting a collection–of the glowing and vibrant colours (naturally!).

This past trip I spent time in three of my favourite yarn stores, The Knitting Garden in Coral Gables, FL, Crafty Hands in Bowling Green, KY and Cornwall Yarn Shop of Cornwall, NY, each of which had impressive stocks of Madelinetosh.  I continued adding to my stash as my luggage would permit. The only problem with multi-multi coloured knitting is the number of skeins required if you don’t have any leftovers. I would normally plan to shop my stash, since there is no moral/legal reason that I shouldn’t mix yarns. After all, I’m not being sponsored by the yarn producer. However, in this case there is a structural reason – more on this in a future edition.

Imagine my delight at discovering the Unicorn Tails collection of mini skeins! When I reached KY, Starla of Crafty Hands made sure that I immediately got my hands on a set of these. The idea is burning in my brain,  so there is no time like NOW!


Happy Thankgiving to all my knitting buds!  Avoid the stores and shop Craftsy’s Black Friday sale (with my Affiliate link)  for you and your friends.


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