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Mardi Gras – building a yarn palette. December 2, 2015

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Building my palette of colours

Building my palette of colours

Filling up fast

Filling up fast

First, buy lots of yarn.

Having gleefully acquired a box of Unicorn tails and many full skeins, I’m now burning with an urgent desire to get started.

I set about building my yarn palette and embarking on my design.

When working with multiple colours, I like to establish a shallow box with a little bit of each colour yarn wound into a center-pull ball and wedged into place. This way I can see all the available colours, and if I carry the box with me, then I have everything I could possibly need. With the small quantity of yarn (47 m) in each mini-skein, each could be wound into a single ball. In addition, I wound the full skeins first into a mini ball, then the remainder into a larger one to be kept aside for future replenishment.

I have arranged my colours in some form of grouping within the box, bluey/green, lights and greys, darks, warm and bright but I’ll choose the colours as I go.

I used this method with my Andean Vest project: I had two cucumber trays full of little balls, somewhere in the range of 70+ colours. Strangely, at the end of the project I still had two trays full of yarn – knitting for free??

Since I was on the road at this time, it was particularly important to keep my palette box compact. I had to have my big balls shipped home to avoid luggage overload. No, you may not laugh. … well, maybe a little…

The mother-lode arrives

The mother-lode arrives

Under other circumstances (more on this later),  I would complete my yarn palette with contributions from my stash. Sorting for similar weight, harmonious colours, and different lusters, if possible.

Now the swatching to choose the needle size could begin. My next thrilling installment will look at creating the design charts.


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4 Responses to “Mardi Gras – building a yarn palette.”

  1. Shelagh in Vermont Says:

    Lucy, I do like your big/little balls/tray idea. I usually throw a white sheet on the floor in front of my chair and toss the colours onto it, then arrange them, and re-arrange them, before making final decisions. Also I use those wonderful old plastic milk crates for travel between the chilly room where the yarn lives and the warm living room where I live! They stack neatly in a corner awaiting the Star Turn on the needles. Cheers, Shelagh.

  2. Lucy, will you be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras? I’ll be there!

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