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Mardi Gras – let the sketching begin December 7, 2015

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Sketches being translated into charts.

Since getting into designing large circular-style creations, I have gradually built up a library of blank charts in Stitch Map format to depict the underlying structure of the fabric, and the placement of the increases, to create a centre-out fabric. Because of the enormous number of stitches in the rows, I have to break my charts into several sections.

Using these blank charts, I start by sketching on top with a pencil, but without trying to conform to the stitch grid. Once I think I’m happy with the flowing shapes, I then interpret these in Illustrator on a layer above the chart to define the colour boundaries. I try to avoid nasty-for-the-knitter colour changes (for example: in the middle of the triple increase or the round directly above these stitches). These would be easy to draw, but a royal pain to execute.

One of the aspects I wrestle with is what the knitting will look like when at it’s at true scale, and when repeated eight times around a circle. I’ve messed around in Illustrator, but it has proved beyond my tech skills to achieve a proper representation! I just have to envisage this.

I go backwards and forwards between sketches and charts a lot. Sometimes I have an overall game plan for the whole design, such a Zinnia and Blossom, but Mardi Gras  is growing organically; I just have to stay ahead of the knitting. Which, as the rounds are growing larger now, is not such a challenge! It is very exciting not to know what comes next; the patterning evolves as I knit!

Behind the scenes we are setting up a Pattern-in-Progress club for Mardi Gras if you would like to join us!  We will let you know as soon as it becomes publicly available.


Diane’s Mardi Gras up to Rnd 41 in Kauni Side B

Diane's Mardi Gras



One Response to “Mardi Gras – let the sketching begin”

  1. What a beautiful piece of work. Thank you for sharing your design process with us.

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