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A Little Bit of Quilt Piecing! February 29, 2016

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This project has been a long time in the works! I suppose strictly it’s not done yet, as it is destined to become a cushion cover.

It does have a quite a story though! The majority of the fabrics, apart from the border and one odd square (which does look a little odd), were in a goodie bag stack of charm squares from Sarah Fielke  (she designed them too). Sarah was teaching at the Grand Hotel Needlework Retreat on Mackinak  Island, MI. We spent a lot of time hanging out together after class and I really admired her quilts.


Sarah and You Know Who in the Cupola Bar!

Once home, I decided to watch her first Craftsy class, Big Techniques From Small Scraps.

The block above is an example of her Step-Down piecing technique from the first lesson. Since then I’ve used numerous of her techniques from this class in several different quilts.

I’ve used this set of lessons over and over and keep them downloaded on my I-pad. I highly recommend this class. If you are a quilter (potential or otherwise), here is my  Lucy affiliate link .


My Daisy Chain quilt inspired by Sarah!

Craft Month Celebrations
For the next two weeks, to celebrate Craft Month, anyone purchasing any Craftsy class will be entered to win a $1000 donation to the craft charity of their choice.
In addition, any new customers (never previously purchased a paid class, you might already be enrolled in free classes) using my Discount Affiliate Link  will secure my entry into a teachers draw at Craftsy.
In general, I dislike promoting things, but surely promoting learning and acquiring new skills and interests is a Good Thing. Do you have a friend who is ready to be enlisted?

Details of my Leap Year Day special sale are available in my Spun Yarn news today.


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