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Adventures in Free Motion! March 8, 2016

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IMG_3362 (1)

This is the private side of the cushion cover shown in my last blog. As you can see, I just can’t stick to any one thing for very long! (The different stitch patterns correspond to the various fabrics.)

I have been heavily influenced by the free motion classes on Craftsy. I had done just enough dodgy free motion quilting to realize it is not a ‘whatever thing you want to throw in here’ process, before I decided to take some of these classes: I was very ready to appreciate the value of the tips and hints I learned.

I would, for instance, never have used the fancy (rather silly looking) gloves, but now I wouldn’t free motion without them.

I’ve watched almost all of Leah Day’s classes; they are very inspiring and she’s lovely to listen to. Currently, I’m watching Top Techniques for Big Quilts, which is presented by 5 different teachers – it is a great way to audition a variety of teaching styles.

And just to prove that I did finish the cushion, here it is!IMG_0022

Craft Month Celebrations
For the next week, to celebrate Craft Month, anyone purchasing any Craftsy class will be entered to win a $1000 donation to the craft charity of their choice.
In addition, any new customers (never previously purchased a paid class, you might already be enrolled in free classes) using my Discount Affiliate Link  will secure my entry into a teachers draw at Craftsy.
In general, I dislike promoting things, but surely promoting learning and acquiring new skills and interests is a Good Thing. Do you have a friend who is ready to be enlisted?


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