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Technique Corner March 28, 2016

Welcome to Technique Corner, a new weekly blog series that will introduce you to the wealth of knowledge available for free in Lucy’s YouTube videos! My name is Julia Watt and I’ll be your video wrangler for this series.

For the inaugural blog, we’ll start with the most basic issue: how are you holding your knitting yarn?

Of course, there is no one, single ‘correct’ way to hold knitting yarn, but there are better and worse ways. Could you benefit from holding your yarn differently? Watch this video, in which Lucy explains the problems created by certain yarn-holding techniques, and demonstrates how she holds her yarn (working left- or right-handed) so as to avoid these problems.

For more videos like this, see Lucy’s Tips & Tricks playlist.

Julia Watt (on Ravelry: Julia Watt; my Etsy store: LanesEndKnots)

Is there a topic or question that you would like to see Lucy cover in future YouTube videos? Please post your suggestions in the comments section.

For more Tutorials, Patterns, Books and the “Learn with Lucy” DVD series, visit Lucy’s website.

Lucy’s Craftsy Classes: Foundations of Double Knitting, My First Socks and Fearless Knitting – Empowering Techniques for Every Knitter.

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DVD SALE: Lucy’s Finesse Your Knitting 1 DVD is for the sale price of $19.99CAD for the month of April!


2 Responses to “Technique Corner”

  1. Amy C Says:

    I like that way of tensioning. Simple and efficient. Thanks!

  2. jcw104 Says:

    You’re welcome, it is fairly ingenious isn’t it! It’s also a great way to avoid ‘television antenna’ hold (which I discovered I suffer from).

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