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Planetary Orbit Explored March 30, 2016

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Planetary Orbit

I’m not sure how this all started, but my favourite quilting projects of late are all cushion covers. They are just the perfect size (yes, almost any size will fit a cushion!) to play with a piecing idea, have fun with the free motion stitching, and  assemble them with some form of edge treatment.

This particular project has its roots in both Chicago and New York. The black/white/purple turquoise background fabric is an African style motif manufactured in the Netherlands and found by me in the amazing B&J fabrics the day before Vogue Knitting Live.

Whilst I was visiting a friend in Chicago, she showed me a couple of her current inspirational books, one of which (sadly, I cannot remember which) showed a faced hole with a background fabric. The seed was planted.

I was keen to use the print fabric so that you could appreciate the diversity in the design, as well as to unify the pieces; then I could use a variety of colours and spots to fill the spaces. I notice one piece of green wood-grain fabric has snuck in!  For this cushion cover, I kept the 9 squares the same size throughout.

Planetary Orbit

Free-motion quilting on a domestic sewing machine is wonderfully easy on a piece this size. I used sheet fabric from a charity shop for my backing. I was being frugal by using up partial bobbins here – which I now rather regret, as I do enjoy looking at the stitching on the back. I decided to leave the holes un-quilted,  which makes them pleasingly puffy!

Then I had to decide on a border: Here I opted for a faced ripple (frills are tedious, fabric-hungry and time consuming) using a striped fabric (Brandon or Kaffe?) on the far side to give colour diversity without effort (also used for two of the squares on the front). I used the loose cut-outs from the ripple to make the  additional feature down the back. Again more sheeting was used here, with a simple overlapped closure.

Planetary Orbit

Quick, easy and such fun!

Meanwhile, on the needles, the double-knit Mardi Gras blanket is taking shape.

Our current DVD of the month (ending soon) is Knitting Gems 4 – this monthly offer gives you both the plastic disc and the online virtual version for the price of the virtual disc only!



2 Responses to “Planetary Orbit Explored”

  1. Great job. I love the shapes and colours. Nice job on the free motion quilting too. I also quilt and love to do art quilts since I have made too many pillow covers. : )

  2. Barb Osler Says:

    Love, Love, LOVE B&J Fabrics–found them in the 80’s and have since visited them every time I am in NYC!!

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