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Further into Outer Space – Planetary Orbit 2 April 8, 2016

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OK, I’m not quite sure how the second version started, but I liked the idea of not having regular blocks and using only spotted fabrics for the circle backgrounds. It was a little trickier to piece, but I carefully applied Gwen Marston’s adage (paraphrased slightly): ‘If it’s too big, cut something off. If too small, sew some more on.’ I was amused and pleased with the result.

The free motion quilting of this creation was great fun;, I had learned some lessons from No. 1, including consistent bobbin thread — I used a star burst around each of the circles, and pebbled all the green connecting fabric. IMG_3544

Now, what to do about a border? I wanted something circle-themed. So I cut a series of jelly-bean shapes with the B&W fabric on one side and the spotty fabrics on the other side. These were then sewn right sides together, cut in half, and flipped.

Green Holes

These half-jelly-beans were then arranged around the perimeter and sewn in with the back fabric. As I arranged them by colour, it meant the the front side appearance was random. All good fun. What next?


I’ve had occasion recently whilst developing samples for my Craftsy classes to work with Cloudborn Yarns, and I rather like them. I haven’t tried them all but the Highland Sport and Worsted and the Superwash Sock twist are all good honest wool yarns. Not fancy to look at but they behave very pleasingly on the needles. A defined twist, lots of bounce and not over processed. I have found the sock yarn does gain twist as I knit and has to be untwizzled periodically, but I think it will wear well. These yarns are on sale this weekend, take a peek.

Our April DVD of the month*  is Finesse Your Knitting 1 – this is one of my favourite discs, and the reason that I began my DVD series.

  • This gives you both the virtual (streamable and downloadable) and the solid plastic disc of this title, all for the price of the virtual disc only, $19.99 Cdn (+ shipping and taxes if applicable).

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