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Fiesta Fundraiser for Fort McMurray! May 6, 2016

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Fiesta Bag 8145

Fingering weight Fiesta Bag

Fiesta Bag – a May Fundraiser for Fire-Ravaged areas of Alberta

Having watched the streams of families fleeing from the wildfires engulfing Fort McMurray and surrounds in Alberta, I’d like to help. Fire is a terrifying and arbitrary danger. As I look out my window, I am suddenly thankful for the cold rain and fog out here–no fire can start in this!

I have a new pattern that is almost ready to launch (the Fiesta Bag), so I have decided to pre-release it (pictures and final layout not quite done yet!) and donate all of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern (apart from applicable taxes), from now until the end of May 2016, to the Red Cross fire relief funds.

Even though the layout of the pattern is not quite finished, if you buy the pattern now as a logged-in member on LucyNeatby.com, I can continue to update your pattern regularly until it reaches its final format. The Fiesta Bag pattern in your Notebook (under the Patterns tab) will always be the most up-to-date version. Love digital technology!!

What you need to do:
Please log in (or register for an account, if you are a new customer) to my site, LucyNeatby.com
You will find the pattern by clicking on The Shop / Patterns / Bags (or use the handy Site Map button in the top navigation menu).

Remember: I can only update your pattern if you buy it while signed in to my website (it means the pattern will be in your pattern library in your Notebook on my website).

The full price, $7 Cdn, for every Fiesta Bag pattern sold will be donated at the end of May. I will let you know how much we managed we raise! You have the power in your hands now. Help others and get a lovely new pattern as a Thank You.


8145 Fiesta Bags

Fingering weight Fiesta Bag


Our fundraising Fiesta Bag sales are now in excess of 180 patterns and counting. Our donation to the Red Cross will be made on May 31st.

BTW My new Craftsy class, Next Steps in Socks, is now available. It features many of the techniques used in the Fiesta Bag.

Please do join me for these fun socks using my 50% Discount Link.


3 Responses to “Fiesta Fundraiser for Fort McMurray!”

  1. takki1 Says:

    Hearts and hands helping together, Thank you Lucy

  2. galfromkansas Says:

    Thanks for the reminder of those in need 😌

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