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Create Colorful Patterned Socks You’ll Love to Wear May 11, 2016

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I’m terrible at describing what my classes contain, “let’s knit a sock” would be my summation. Here’s an accurate and more fulsome description of my new class! Please do join me – this is a spectacularly fun project (and a practical sock).

“Move beyond a simple sock pattern by learning how to knit interesting new stitches!  Join me in my online Craftsy class, Next Steps in Socks – affiliate 50% discount link, and discover how to combine multiple stitch pattern motifs into an eye–catching pair of socks.

During class, I’ll teach you a unique way to work cuff–down socks that have a fun look and comfortable fit. Together, we’ll knit a variety of two–color stitch patterns, create a decorative heel and switch between multiple stitches. By the end of class, you’ll have a pair of one–of–a–kind socks to show off.


To get started, you’ll learn how to choose coordinating yarns. Then, I’ll help you make a swatch to fit your yarn and measure gauge using a garter stitch band. With your measurements set, you’ll explore the best needle options for working in the round.

Once you’ve picked your needles, you’ll find out how to knit a garter cuff that’s used sideways. I’ll share tips for making the cuff with waste yarn and finishing it with grafting. After your cuff is done, I’ll explain how to choose your perfect pattern size and walk through key details of the project.

Continue creating your sock by learning how to transition from the cuff to the leg. With my tips for darning the yarn tails from two different colors, you’ll be a master multiple fibers in no time! Then, you’ll see how to work two fun patterns — the Shell Bobble and Star Stitch — to make your sock leg more exciting.


One of my favorite parts of this project comes next: the intricate heel flap. We’ll work this part together by setting up the flap, reading the stitch pattern and creating the cabled pattern on the back of the heel. Along the way, I’ll give troubleshooting tips for keeping your design on track.

Since creating a sturdy heel is a two–step process, you’ll also find out how to create a reinforced heel turn. To make sure your socks have a comfy fit, I’ll help you knit up stitches while continuing to work in the round. Next, you’ll add even more creative flair to your socks with the Checkerboard and Flying Swallows patterns.

We’ll wrap up class with techniques for toe–shaping. I’ll share my favorite way to close the toe — using a sock toe chimney that’s grafted shut. And, when you create these socks with me in Next Steps in Socks, I’ll help you achieve a flawless finish with blocking.

Before I started my career in knitting, I worked as navigation officer on British Cargo ships. Today, I’m submerged in fiber. A life of knitting was a happenstance, but over 100 published patterns and three books later, it’s hard to imagine it any other way.


Knitting should be fun, and that drives everything I do. One visit to my site, Lucy Neatby Designs, will show you exactly what I mean. I strive to make that same fun a focal point of my instruction, and as I travel from state to state and country to country, I have a blast in every class or workshop I teach.

That’s why I’m excited to team up with Craftsy for another class! Craftsy makes learning as fun and efficient as possible, with easy–to–follow lessons you can watch at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. And, your classes are yours forever.

Learn incredible stitchwork to make a pair of striking patterned socks you’ll love to wear.
Enroll in Next Steps in Socks for only $19.99 — that’s 50% off today!”


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