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Falling for the canals? May 19, 2016

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Noisy neighbours!

I have frequently asked myself why I have fallen under spell of the UK canal system! It all began for me on May 16th, 2013. It was on a fun day out with family from Skipton (Yorkshire), in a half-length day-hire boat. We went up the canal in one direction, then turned around, and I came back a different woman. (And we weren’t even allowed to do any locks with day-hire boat…)


Off on an Odyssey

When I get things, I get them deeply. Example 1:  my husband — I woke up one morning and decided that it was good idea to take him up on his offer and get hitched.  (He was away at sea, I wrote him a letter accepting!)  Example 2: Tancook Island — went for picnic, wound up with a cottage.  Example 3: Half a day on a narrowboat — and I’m not yet sure where this is sending me.

Because of the distance and paperwork, I had to wait a full year before we could try a multi-day narrow-boating trip. Now, we are about to embark on our third one! (Only 15 sleeps until we are back on a boat.)

Recently, whilst reading about narrow-boating, I came across this, and felt it really explained it all:

“Like all of you, I love the misty mornings, the pubs, the scenery, the chats at the locks and all of that. But what I really enjoy is that canal boating is a kind of gentle adventure.

And, from time to time, there is a frisson of excitement, a hint of risk, a bit of physical struggle. At the time it doesn’t always seem terribly enjoyable.”

Kevin Blick, Canal Boat magazine, April 2016.


The unexpected!

Before we leave for England, I have to get something new on the needles, as my Mardi Gras DK Blanket is now finished. If you’d like the pattern, and the Tutorial videos as a free bonus, our Mardi Gras Pattern-In-Progress Club is still open for the next couple of weeks whilst I finish the pattern and charts.





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