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Knitters Are AMAZING!! June 4, 2016

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Thanks to all of you who bought Lucy’s new Fiesta Bags pattern last month.

Atlantic Canadians were particularly affected by stories of families escaping the Alberta Wildfires and leaving their lives behind, as many of those people working in “Fort Mac” are from Atlantic Canada, or have roots here.

The news was dramatic. After the mandatory evacuation for all residents of Fort McMurray, Canadians were witness to footage of convoys of cars moving at a snail’s pace, fire burning all around. We heard stories of families leaving everything but a few treasures behind as they loaded into their cars to escape the fires, tales of teachers guiding their students to safety, animal owners riding their horses out of town and airlines allowing family pets to fly out on their planes.

As well as tales of fear and loss, we read many heartwarming tales of help and courage.

Amazingly, no lives were lost.


Having watched the streams of families fleeing from the wildfires, Lucy wanted to find a way to help.

Her new pattern, the Fiesta Bag,  was almost ready to launch, so she decided this was the time to pre-release it. She would donate all of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern (apart from applicable taxes) until the end of May 2016 to the Red Cross fire relief funds.

Thanks to the power of social media, Lucy’s efforts were shared far and wide. Customers from across North America, Europe and even as far away as New Zealand pitched in to help.

Within just over three weeks, we sold 399 Fiesta Bags patterns! At $7 CAD each, we were able to raise $2,800CAD as a donation to to the Red Cross. With the matching donation from the government, our contribution has netted the Red Cross a whopping $5,600!

Pretty good for a bunch of knitters! THANK YOU ALL, what a fabulous response we got!




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