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Technique Corner June 27, 2016

Are the stitches on the left edges of your cables and ribs loose and sloppy looking? Watch this video to discover why this aggravating problem occurs and how to fix it!

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Julia Watt (on Ravelry: Julia Watt; my Etsy store: LanesEndKnots)

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4 Responses to “Technique Corner”

  1. Paula Grey Says:

    Thank you Lucy, my cables are now fabulous!

  2. rainbowgoblin Says:

    This is a great tip. I notice however that the first purl stitch is now quite loose. For cables this is fine, but do you have any tips for reversible fabrics? Should I just wrap all the purls backwards?

    • There are of course many types of reversible fabrics, and each should be considered on it’s own merits. However, I do use alternative rotation purl for almost all of my double-layer knitting (not in my single layer projects though). This keeps both layers of my fabric equal. Some of my blankets have nearly 95000 stitches on each side, and if the purls are slightly larger this would create problems. Some of the DK exceptions are when I am wanting one layer to grow faster than the other, such as my Storm Mountain hat, and when making the double increases (they are easier to slip and rearrange when conventionally mounted).
      BTW alternative-rotation purling does tend to slightly unwind conventionally plied yarns.

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