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Temporary hiatus in history blogs September 21, 2016

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Not a computer crash

What has become of my semi-regular blogs, you ask?

A week and a half ago, my husband crashed while on a bicycle ride. Usually this is not a big deal. Even this time, he is not mortally wounded. However, a few broken ribs can cause a world of misery. For a man with no patience or tolerance for pain, this makes for a difficult existence for those sharing the household. It is not easy to get much of the non-look-after-hubby work done. There has been a very distracting background sound-track of moaning, sighing, cursing and complaining about his lot in life. I wonder, does he even appreciate the fact that he, an old dog of 77, can still do long-distance bike rides?


Back to school

On a happier note, my classes at the university started up again two weeks ago. I am enjoying the readings and the assignments, as well as the lively population around me. Discrete math, though totally fascinating, turns out to be very challenging for me. I have not ever been a math person: Last night I was trying to get my head around the concepts of ‘sufficient’ versus ‘necessary’ conditions for a proposition to be ‘true’.


My ‘other’ life happens here…

There will be more Tradewinds history blogs, as soon as things quieten down here and I am able to brain again!



2 Responses to “Temporary hiatus in history blogs”

  1. Matt Waldrop Says:

    Yikes. Hope all’s better soon.

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