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A Tradewinds History, part 8 October 30, 2016

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Hello, my ‘normal’ life is back!

My husband has recovered from his broken ribs, so life is returning to “as we were”. Except…just as I was girding my loins to get back to blog writing earlier this week, my computer died: A horrible dead black screen with a few green bits saying “Error…”.

My son and I took it apart, discovered water on the video card, dried it off carefully (and hoped for the best), let it rest for a few days to make sure it was dry, repaired the leak in the water-cooling system by replacing the cracked O-ring, and here we are, four days later, with the computer working again. Having a water-cooled machine makes for a delightfully silent computer, but there is the flooding hazard!


The Dawning of the Age of the Internet

Lucy continued to write wonderfully knitting-engineer-worthy patterns and continued to teach classes, becoming more expert in each. Natural talent combined with hard work can produce really amazing results!



Intarsia plus Escher-like tiling


I continued prodding Lucy onward as a designer and teacher (as a good friend must), amazed that this woman never ran out of ideas or out of energy!


Henry, immortalized


While we were rolling in all this knitting fun, the Internet, and then the World Wide Web, were being born. They had been quietly growing, now just lying in wait for a killer app: Somebody needed to write a usable web browser.

The Mosaic browser – the killer app – was let loose in the mid 1990’s, and the World Wide Web just exploded in size, without me even noticing. At the time, I had vaguely heard of the Web, had no computer, and really could not see why I should care. Why would I want to pay good money for a desk-top computer and a dial-up account so that I could wait for an hour for a picture to download? I had access to a perfectly serviceable public library, only 8 blocks away!

Such abysmal ignorance on my part! It made my teenage son just shake his head, “You will see, mom, these personal computers are going to be BIG! And there are games!”.



Ooooh… magic


And some could see the pixels of the future…

Thankfully others were not quite as benighted as I was. Marsha White, of the Needle Arts shop in Ontario, obtained herself a website, already having a clear vision of how influential the WWW could become for small retail businesses.

She and Lucy had met at various knitting events, and soon became friends. Marsha offered to host Lucy’s patterns on a special Lucy page of her own website. As time went on, and Lucy kept producing more and more patterns (read: making more and more work for Marsha), Marsha sensibly suggested that Lucy ought to get her own website and get herself a web person to do the website updates.

Easier said than done. Much easier said than done.



To be continued…


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