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Lucy’s knitting cruise memories February 6, 2017

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Lucy has just returned from her recent knitting cruise all around  South America with a humungous photo collection. Since I was unable to go on the trip, I thought it would be fun to go through the pictures with her and get her to share some stories. I will share those tales and images here; maybe other knitters will enjoy the armchair experience as much as I will.

At the end of Christmas holidays, when all the visiting family members and friends had gone their various ways to several corners of the country, Lucy found herself with only a few days to finish packing for the next Big Thing: the knitting cruise to the Antarctic. It was the middle of summer over there, mind you, but still…

All the major details for the cruise were taken care of before the holidays, but there was still the job of packing clothes for four seasons, getting together some airport/airplane knitting and getting the new luggage Lucyfied: With those Happy Stitches on it, nobody would mistake it for their own!



The reality of the trip sank in with the boarding pass!


Just days before leaving, there was a great rain-storm in Halifax, and any regrets about missing ski-days vanished. However, just as she was boarding her flight out of Halifax, a snow storm commenced! The plane took off less than an hour before cancellations started to popping up on the Departures screen. Phew!



The very beginning of a snowstorm…yes, the white is really snow


Lucy’s travel knitting? Double knitting, of course, in the form of a workshop sampler chair-pad worked in Freia ombré worsted weight.


A little DK travel knitting




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