Happy Stitches

Keep your stitches smiling!

Technique Corner February 6, 2017

After mastering the basics, one of the first ‘advanced’ techniques most knitters learn is how to do right- and left-slanting increases. In this video Lucy demonstrates her method for making these increases, as well as explaining how to count your stitches on increase rounds (and how to account for discrepancies).

For more videos like this, see Lucy’s Increases playlist.

Julia Watt (on Ravelry: Julia Watt; my Etsy store: LanesEndKnots)

Is there a topic or question that you would like to see Lucy cover in future YouTube videos? Please post your suggestions in the comments section.

For more Tutorials, Patterns, Books and the “Learn with Lucy” DVD series, visit Lucy’s website.

Lucy’s Craftsy Classes: Foundations of Double Knitting, My First Socks and Fearless Knitting – Empowering Techniques for Every Knitter.

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